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    Thermoforming machine




    SX-350 Series Automatic Small-type Blowing and Thermoforming Machine is designed to meet present market demand.This machine can automatically finish the procedure of blowing forming or vacuum forming,punching and cutting.With high automatic,advanced technology and simple operation,this machine reduces the labor consumption and avoids the pollution brought by shaff contact,thus ensures the puality in production.This machine is used for PVC/PET/PE/PS plates,cup lids and other plastic products which is widely used in industries of foodstuff,medical,hardware and others and welcomed by both domestic and international customers.


    1.In transmission part,the speed reducer connects with main transmission and keeps in same axes line with principal axis(reducing transmission error).

    2.The pneumatic system adopts photoelectric control wich ensures the exactness of different stations and the synchronous stability of packed products in multi-stations and the long distance running.

    3.Stepless speed regulating,adjustable travel range,convenient mould replacement,reliable running with manipulator traction.

    4.According to different requirements,choosing positive or negative press forming to achieve best forming effect.
    Main Technical Parameter:

    Cutting Frequency


    Mould Cooling

    Circulating Water 60Liter/H

    Max. Forming Area


    Travel Range


    Compressed Air


    Total Power


    Plastic piece


    Overall Dimension


    Machine Weight




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