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    Queensense machine co.,ltd
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    Work Together , Win-Win Situtaion , Create Brilliant

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    Tel: 0577-65061250
    Fax: 0577-65129055
    MSN: sansense78@hotmail.com
    Skype: packagingmachinery sansense78


    SANSENSE Group - Queensense Machine Co.,Ltd is located in the scenic coast of the East China Sea - Ruian City, is a long history, science and technology as the leading printing and packaging machinery manufacturers, specializing in the production printing and packaging equipment and complete sets of series of flexible packaging. Strong technical force, well- processing equipment, detection means complete, in the printing and packaging markets at home and abroad enjoy a relatively high degree of visibility and credibility.

    We are engaged in manufacturing Film Blowing Machine, Bag-making Machine, Printing Machine, bubble film making machine,stretch film making machine,Recycling Machine,packaging machine,thermoforming machine and so on complete sets of plastic packaging machines and equipments. Our machines have been exporting to East Europe, North America, South America, South-east Asian, Africa, the Middle East and so on, which without any exception, have been given good accomplishment by our customers and consumers.

    Companies have been "quality win credibility to a reputable brand to brand win market" concept of operations for sale, pay close attention to internal management and after-sales service, pay attention to scientific and technological progress and information, continue to grow and develop their own at the same time, the broad lessons Users of reasonable proposals to continuously improve its product innovation and quality to more excellence, superior performance, the structure is more humane.

    SANSENSE Group - Queensense Machine Co.,Ltd always adhere to the "people-oriented" commitment to "stand" No one is the word "only" and "re-quality, observe credibility" is the eternal theme of enterprises to continuously improve the operating mechanism, improve the comprehensive products and services fruitful return In the community, the SANSENSE to companies and friends at home and abroad in the pursuit of excellence on the march hand in hand with, a win-win situation, create brilliant.

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    Address:ZheJiang RuiAn Feiyun Industrial Zone   Phone: 0086-150-67831978
    Tel:0086-0577-65061250   Fax:0086-0577-65129055   E-mail:joe@sansense.net
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